Independent General Counsel Legal Services

I provide independent general counsel services to growing and established businesses. The role of "independent general counsel" can be structured in a variety of ways, and can evolve with your company’s needs.

I am available on a part-time or as-needed basis, on-site or remotely, to supply all of the services normally provided by inhouse or inside general counsel --- everything from drafting and negotiating contracts, form agreements and policies to providing advice and services regarding your strategic planning, corporate governance, dispute resolution and legal compliance issues.

As Independent General Counsel, I will provide your company with the advantages of having an experienced, senior attorney available to meet your ongoing business legal needs without having to pay a full-time salary, or law firm rates. Yet you receive all the benefits of having in-house counsel:
Cost-effective legal services and advice
No "meter running"
Hands-on understanding of your business and its needs
More responsive and proactive legal advice
The flexibility to engage an outside law firm
As much or as little advice as, and when, needed
Expertise and experience to fit your needs
No need to add legal staff to your payroll
I work closely with you and can help you hire, coordinate and oversee outside firms handling litigation, patent filings and other specialized matters outside the scope of my engagement that may require the resources of another lawyer or a larger firm.

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